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Read this Super Crypto Options Review to learn if it is safe to invest with Super Crypto Options.

The website ( claims that Super Crypto Options is the most secure trading platform. You (the investor/trader) get profitable trades when you trade and invest with Super Crypto Options. Do read our Super Crypto Options review before you invest with them.

The domain is only one month old. The owner’s data is hidden. The keywords the site is using are bitcoin trading, forex trading, binary trading, and supercryptooptions. The site has a low domain validation certificate (DV SSL) and is encrypted.

They are based at 10, Paternoster Sq., London EC4M 7LS, United Kingdom. They can be contacted by phone at +18043139008, and this is their WhatsApp number too. Their email is

Super Crypto Options Review: Introduction

With their new strategy on forex and bitcoin trades, they claim that they make up to 98% of the daily win. They also have a bitcoin mining team and generate a profit of $47,986, which is 3 bitcoin daily.

The site claims it is registered and regulated by the SEC. Please note the company is operating in the UK and should be registered by FCA. The SEC is the registering authority of the USA where they are not operating. A red flag,they claim they are fully licensed and insured and that your initial capital is insured. Insured against what? If the company is regulated, the investor’s funds are automatically protected by the government.

Within a short duration of their existence (6 months), they have nearly 5223 happy clients, 4522+ workers employed, and have completed 8150 projects. We feel that these are pure boasting claims just to lure the customers. There are thousands of companies in this category. The competition is so tough to acquire clients and retain them.

Nowhere on their website have they displayed any documents to prove that they are licensed and regulated.

How do spot and avoid cryptocurrency scams?

Cryptocurrency crimes are increasing day by day. With a boom in cryptocurrency, scammers have also taken notice of this new opportunity for their illicit activity. Scammers are using last technology and sophisticated methods to scam investors and traders. Billions of dollars are lost to scammers. Every year, this record is broken.

Whether you like it or not, crypto investors are facing a new and evolving risk of scams and fraud.

Cryptocurrency scams

  • ICO (initial coin offer) launching problems. Many ICOs are legal but most of them do not have any business plans or technology behind them. Some are just white papers written by idiots. Many new ICOs often make unbelievable and exaggerated claims about their products.
  • There are thousands of brokerage companies and unregulated online exchanges offering cryptocurrency trading products. Super Crypto Options is one of those thousands.
  • Promises of quick riches and promotions are too good to be true. Once you deposit money with them, they point you to terms and conditions that it is almost impossible to withdraw your profits and capital. In other words, they simply steal your money.
  • Brokers and exchanges charge hefty fees for converting your cryptocurrency into fiat currency like pounds, dollars, and euros. This process eliminates any profit and can even lead to loss.

Why not trade with Super Crypto Options?

  • Super Crypto Options is not registered with any regulating authority.
  • Cryptocurrencies are very volatile compared to stocks, bonds, and commodities.
  • Cryptocurrency exists at present but may cease to exist in the future.
  • Traders/investors can lose all their deposits.
  • Do your research before investing with Super Crypto Options. Read reviews on the internet and social media.
  • This broker has a bad reputation. It does not have any qualified members, and its credentials are doubtful.

Super Crypto Options Review: Conclusion

We at All Scan Reports have recovered millions of dollars from crypto scams and have helped hundreds of scam victims.

Apart from cryptocurrency scams, we have helped people who were caught in forex trading scams, loan fee fraud/scams, binary options scams, and investment scams.

Do visit our site to learn more about blacklisted fund recovery websites. We also publish and update scam brokers’ reviews regularly.

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Precaution is better than cure.

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