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Read this Minerva Trading Bot Review to learn if it is safe to invest with Minerva Trading Bot

If you are thinking to invest with Minerva Trading Bot but avoid scams, read the Minerva Trading Bot review and get to know about the scam activities of brokers in detail.

Minerva Trading Bot Review Introduction

Minerva Trading Bot is an online trading platform that claims to be operated through performance-optimized and cutting-edge telegram software for automating business operations and educating new traders. They promised their investors a 200% ROI. The website is found at and was privately registered on December 10th, 2018. According to Minerva Trading Bot, their bot operates by gathering investor deposits and transmitting them to trading brokers so they can be traded.

Additionally, investors have the option of using managed accounts. For this, the company offers you access to its trading brokers. Minerva Trading Bot can be contacted by email at However, they do not specify how long it will take to address the customer complaint. Read a complete Minerva Trading Bot review to know more about this broker.

Minerva Trading Bot Review: Regulation Status

The company claims to be engaged in forex and cryptocurrency trading. There is no proof that this business is involved in any trading. In fact, we think they merely disperse the cash they take in as deposits. Minerva Trading Bot does not provide any information about the owners who own or run the company. They also provide a sponsorship link for sign-up. Actually, it is a Ponzi scheme in which only a few investors make meaningful returns. 

Never invest your funds in this scheme; otherwise, the founders take the assets and flee the market. Always do your research before making an investment in a firm. Minerva Trading Bot claims to have a partnership with trading brokers. But we did not find any evidence that their claims are legit. Moreover, we have no clue about their trading brokers or trading history. Legitimate businesses always have another option for proving their claims by revealing who their trading partners are. 

Is Minerva Trading Bot safe for trading?

On allegations of a Ponzi scam, a 58-year-old man and his 81-year-old father were found guilty. Following the submission of an anonymous complaint in November 2019, Austrian authorities launched an investigation against the pair. Investigators uncovered 13 million euros in damage tied to the promotion of Minerva Trading Bot. GregorMaihart introduced the MLM Ponzi scheme Minverva Trading Bot in the middle of 2019. 

On October 21, 2021, the younger suspect was taken into custody in Bulgaria pursuant to a European arrest request. In November, the suspect returned to Austria. At about this time, the suspect’s 81-year-old father was also taken into custody; later, he was released on bail. According to all the facts, we always advise you not to invest with Minerva Trading Bot because this trading platform is not safe for investing.

Minerva Trading Bot Review Conclusion

Minerva Trading Bot is nothing but just a Ponzi scheme. No genuine documentation of trading or other external sources of ROI revenue is offered. In addition, Minerva Trading Bot or GregorMaihart is not registered with the authority of Austria – Financial Markets Authority. The arithmetic underlying Ponzi schemes like Minerva Trading Bot ensures that the majority of participants will lose money when they fail. 

The characteristics of this company are incompatible with a legitimate trading bot. We never recommend that you invest in this company. Their software is unsustainable, and it will collapse on itself, leaving you aground. It will collapse on itself, leaving you aground. If you are a victim of the Minerva Trading Bot scam or any other online scam, including cryptocurrency scams, forex scams, romance scams, bitcoin scams, gift-card scams, etc., you can file a complaint on the All Scam Reports website. Our experts will assist you during the fund recovery procedure and provide a free consultation to scam victims.

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