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Address – Swanston St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

Warning Issued By – Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom), The Central Bank of Russian Federation (Russia), Autorité des Marchés Financiers (France)

Read this GreatInvest Review to learn if it is safe to invest with GreatInvest

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GreatInvest Review 2023- Trade with GreatInvest or not? 1

GreatInvest Review: Introduction

GreatInvest is an online trading company that allows its users to trade with several currencies like stocks, forex, commodities, metals, indices, and energy (oil, coal, natural gas). The website of the company can be found at, and it is located in Australia. They claim to be the best trading platform and provide the best trading conditions. They can be contacted by email at or by phone at 8882345686 +447398334689 +442045841005. At first look, the website looks good, but when we deeply research this broker, we find that GreatInvest is not safe for trading. Read a complete GreatInvest review to know more about this broker. 

GreatInvest Review: Is GreatInvest Legit or a Scam?

A regulated license will reveal whether GreatInvest is legitimate, unregulated, or subject to centralized regulation. If your funds are misused, you have little to no legal remedy if the broker is unregistered or regulated by an entity that is not located in your country. 

If we were working with a genuine, licensed broker, GreatInvest would have provided some sort of license information; but we can’t find any information about its regulation.

GreatInvest Review: Warning

GreatInvest received several warnings issued from the different regulatory authorities are:

• United Kingdom – Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
• Russia – The Central Bank of Russian Federation
• France – Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF)

GreatInvest Review: Trading Platform

GreatInvest claims to provide a web-based trading platform to be accessible. However, the broker would not let us open an account, so we were unable to determine if that was the case. A confirmation email was meant to arrive after we filled out a registration form and verified our email address, but it never did. As a result, we are unable to determine the broker’s platform type or whether it even has a trading platform.

How does the GreatInvest scam work?

One of the most common online trading scams is showing profitable trades to lure investors in with the promise of “easy money” and instill a false sense of confidence in them. Scam brokers use a variety of strategies to cheat unknowledgeable or new clients. They speak with people via calling, sending emails, posting on social media, and placing online ads. Scammers lure victims into investing by requesting a little upfront deposit and making alluring promises of quick cash and huge returns. 

If clients fall for their scams, they will keep asking for more money until the client discovers they were duped by an unethical broker. Scammers or fraudsters will block your withdrawal request if you wish to withdraw money. We encourage traders to never give their information to a broker before making sure that they own a current license.

GreatInvest Review Conclusion: Got Scammed by GreatInvest?

It can be concluded from this MKJ Global review that this broker is a potential scam. If you are a victim of the GreatInvest scam or a forex scam, cryptocurrency scam, investment scam, romance scam, or any other online scam, then file a complaint against the scam broker on our All Scam Reports website. We assist scam victims in the fund recovery process, and also provide a free consultation.

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