Introduction to GoldCo Precious Metals Review:

As scary as it might sound, scams can happen to anyone no matter how cautious you might be. One slip of the moment and you might risk falling into a huge trap and end up losing all of your money. In order to protect yourself from such scams, you must conduct adequate research before investing your money with any brokerage firm. The foremost parameter that you should look for in any brokerage firm is regulation. If a firm is regulated by any brokerage firm, they will ensure that your money is safe. The next step is to follow our reviews daily and steer clear of the scam broker. In today’s review, we will be discussing the red flags raised by GoldCo Precious Metals. If you are here with the intention of knowing whether GoldCo is a scam or legitimate, read the full GoldCo Precious Metals review and decide for yourself.

About GoldCo:

According to GoldCo reviews, there are many red flags hidden by the GoldCo Precious Metals. But the question is – what is GoldCo and is GoldCo legit? Get the answer by reading this GoldCo review 2021.

Is GoldCo regulated by any of the regulations?

As said above, regulation is a very important aspect and should not be ignored. While searching through the website of GoldCo, we were not able to find any information regarding the regulation. Therefore, it is not clear whether GoldCo is a regulated firm or not.

What is the minimum deposit demanded by GoldCo?

The minimum initial deposit demanded by GoldCo is much more than any of us would have thought. GoldCo demands a deposit of $25,000 from their customers. This is a very huge amount and therefore poses yet another red flag in GoldCo Precious Metals reviews.

Who is the founder of GoldCo precious metals?

GoldCo claims that the founder of this masterpiece is a man who goes by the name of Trevor Gerszt. Although the website is full of praises about their founder, a simple google search revealed that apart from the information on their website, there is no information about Trevor Gerszt. This poses yet another red flag against GoldCo precious metals in this GoldCo review.

How good is the customer support provided by GoldCo?

We found many GoldCo complaints and when we looked into their website, their customer support was not working. For the whole time, the investigation was going on, they were displaying the same message. Later on, we found out that many customers of GoldCo had similar complaints which they had posted on public platforms thereby raising another red flag against the GoldCo scam in GoldCo reviews.

Conclusion: Is GoldCo a scam or legit?

TO sum up, all that has been stated above, we leave it upon you to decide whether GoldCo is a scam or not. Whatever your decision might be, we recommend you steer clear of unregulated brokerage firms. If you have been scammed, you can file GoldCo Precious Metals complaints with us and we will help you out. Keep reading our reviews to get the best knowledge about scam brokers.

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