Introduction to Cloex Capital:

Cloex Capital is the typical example of what you should not be dealing with. The website is filled with highly deceiving offers that tend to lure innocent and unsuspecting victims into the trap. The company claims a lot many things like guaranteed returns and profits that will blow your minds away. If you are with the intention of knowing whether Cloex Capital is a scam broker or a legitimate broker, you are just at the right place. In this review, we will be investigating Cloex Capital and letting you decide whether Cloex Capital is a scam. If you have been scammed by Cloex Capital, read till the end for we have the solution for you too.

About Cloex Capital:

In this section of the Cloex Capital review, we will be discussing all the red flags hoisted by Cloex Capital.

Is Cloex Capital regulated by any of the regulators?

On their website, Cloex Capital seems to have limited a lot of information from their purely suspicious public and a big sign indicating towards Cloex Capital scam. Furthermore, upon looking for a license, we came to know that Cloex Capital claims to be regulated by the Cayman Island Monetary Authority or the CIMA. If you don’t already know the CIMA regulated brokers in offshore zones and thus is not recommended by us. Even after this, when we checked with the CIMA, it was brought to our notice that Cloex Capital yet again lied as there was no sign of this brokerage firm on the website of CIMA. From this, it is clear that Cloex Capital is UNREGULATED. You must never trade with unregulated brokerage firms.

What trading software is offered by Cloex Capital?

This is yet another very strange thing about this brokerage firm. Cloex Capital claims to provide a lot of tradable instruments to their customers. Even the registration was a smooth and easy process. Although, after the registration, we were given no options to download the trading platform. In another perspective, it is possible that Cloex Capital does not even provide a trading platform to their customers at all. This is a huge red flag against the Cloex Capital scam in this Cloex Capital review.

What is the leverage offered by Cloex Capital?

Even though by now it might be clear that something is definitely wrong with Cloex Capital, we would like to strengthen this statement by letting you know the leverage offered by Cloex Capital. Cloex Capital offers leverage of 1:500 to their customers. Such a high offer highly indicates the Cloex Capital scam they are clearly trying to hide.

Conclusion: Is Cloex Capital a scam broker or a legit?

To sum up, all that has been said above, we let you decide whether Cloex Capital is a scam or not. Whatever your decision is, we recommend you to stay away from Cloex Capital as it is unregulated and is a potential scam. If you have been a victim of the Cloex Capital scam, just fill in the form above and we will help you!

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