Name of Broker – Decentra

Website – NA

Regulated By – Unregulated

Warning Issued By – Securities and Exchange Commission (Philippines)

Decentra Review: Introduction

Decentra is an online trading platform that offers online investment packages. They claim that users can make a profit up to double your investment by around 120%. According to the reports of SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), officers of Decentra were arrested in a joint operation on June 11. There are 19 Decentra promoters who have been arrested in the Philippines because they are involved in illegal activities like scams,  forex scams, or crypto scams. Decentra is not registered itself, and they run their company without a legal license, and the information they are provided is incorrect. The names of their owner and contact details are missing. If you want to read more, learn from Decentra Review.

Decentra Review: Investment and Packages

The company offers several investment schemes and packages with a membership fee of 99.95 Tether. They also make promises to the people that they gave, returns up to about 120% of their investment. 

Decentra Review: Regulation Status

Decentra holds an unregulated status because they are involved in unlawful activities like forex scams or crypto scams. This company does not have any authorized license, which was provided by the superior authorities such as ASIC, FCA, CNMV, and FINMALearn more details from the All Scams Report. 

Decentra Reviews and Ratings 

Reviews and ratings are necessary points before investing in any platform because if any platform gets a negative review, that defines it is unsafe to invest in them. A number of complaints and negative Decentra reviews have been found on various online review sites. All Scams Report advice thatnever trusts the company those who have negative reviews and low ratings. 

Is investment in Decentra safe?

 In the report of SEC, they mention that this platform is not registered under the rules and regulations of authorities. All Scams Report gives advice to all the traders or investors to never trust and invest money in this company. 

How do scam brokers of Decentra contact you?

Brokers of Decentra contact you through social media, emails, and online advertisements. They ask for your email address, contact number, bank details, etc. If they get all the details, they offer you to invest money with them. In starting stage, they give you a good return but after some time ask you to invest a big amount. When a trader deposits a high amount, then brokers withdraw your all money. Don’t trust these brokers who contact you by social media and emails.

How can you protect yourself from these scams? 

There are some points to check the company details –

· Where is it situated?

· Owner names and details

· Deposits and withdrawal method.

 If all these details are missing, show the platform is not secure to invest with them. Please stay away from it else you will be lost all the money.

Decentra Review: Conclusion

According to the All Scams Report, there are many negative Decentra reviews and complaints of scam victims about they scammed by brokers. All Scams Report helps you recover your funds from Decentra scam, and provides consulting and investigating services. We always give advice to the investor, first check the details of the company, and then invest with them. If you are scammed by someone, All Scams Report helps you to get out of this situation by providing a complaint form. Fill out the form, and we will help you to recover your money. 

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