Address: Atlanta, GA

Regulation: Unregulated

Warning about TradingBinance: Securities and Exchange Commission (United States of America)

TradingBinance Review 2023 – Is TradingBinance a good forex broker or a scam? claims to be an online platform for cryptocurrency investment and trading. It also offers the opportunity to invest in a variety of cryptocurrencies, such as USDT, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, with the potential to earn money online. But it’s important to note that this particular broker is not licensed to provide brokerage services in the country. Their only intention is to defraud people of their hard-earned money. Therefore, investing with them poses a significant risk. 

TradingBinance asserts its commitment to ethical practices and strives to provide desirable returns to its clients. Despite making bold claims, the company remains fraudulent. It’s not rare for scammers to showcase unverifiable awards as an attempt to enhance customer trust.

Millions of investors are driven to the financial market because it offers a great opportunity to earn money. This industry, like many others, is not immune to scams, and brokers. The presence of Forex scams, Cryptocurrency scams, Investment scams, Romance/Dating scams, Pet scams, Binary scams, etc., are too common, unfortunately. These fraudulent acts destabilize the entire ecosystem and harm the industry’s reputation.

Scam brokers have a common method of duping victims. They either cold call, create bogus websites or use pop-up adverts. Similarly, after examining the TradingBinance broker, we discovered numerous proofs of TradingBinance scam activity. The goal is to warn brokers about TradingBinance potential fraudulent operations. To learn more about this broker, read the full TradingBinance review.

Stay informed about potential scams when investing with TradingBinance by reading our comprehensive TradingBinance review, which covers various scamming activities that can be perpetrated by brokers.

Is TradingBinance legit or a scam?

While trading, it is immensely important to identify a broker that is reliable and legit. But, there are some reasons why we have tagged this TradingBinance Review in our scam broker 2023 list of scam brokers. Here are some points that you need to know if a broker is a scam or not. TradingBinance possesses some or more of the following mentioned traits of a scam broker.

TradingBinance License and Regulation 

When choosing a broker online, the regulation status is one of the most critical points. Here, TradingBinance seems not to be regulated in its jurisdiction of operation or they do not follow the rules of regulation and are engaged in scam activities. There is a high possibility that the broker has been warned by reputed regulation authorities like CySec, ASIC, FCA, CNMV, FINMA, etc. Warning issued by any of these authorities clearly indicated that the broker is not a good fit to invest your hard-earned money. Thus broker seems to be lacking such regulation or there is no proof of it.

Leverages and Accounts

The genuine brokers that are operating in the market often require low deposits. High deposits are not in the favor of the regulatory bodies. Whereas, this broker tends to charge a huge deposit amount which is a major red flag to avoid moving further with your investment journey. The same criteria apply to leverage, as the leverage offered by legitimate firms is low and in small amounts. Whereas, the broker tends to offer high leverage, shaping it as a scam broker.

TradingBinance Review: Withdrawal Issue 

Unfortunately, unregulated broker like TradingBinance sometimes refuse to process your withdrawal or suspend your account for minor reasons.

It is advisable to steer clear of unregulated brokers, particularly those that are not licensed in your jurisdiction by the regulatory authority. It’s also a good idea to avoid brokerages that are regulated but located outside your jurisdiction. Conducting thorough research before investing with a suspicious broker can help you avoid potential losses and unnecessary stress.

Complaints in TradingBinance Reviews

A number of complaints and negative TradingBinance reviews have been found regarding the scam broker on various online review sites. A low rating on several online platforms makes it clear that the broker has a negative reputation among investors. The investors have accused them of being scam brokers and stated how they have been victims of the TradingBinance scam and lost all their money and efforts to them.

How does the TradingBinance scam work?

One of the most common online trading scams is showing positive trades initially to deceive investors into believing they will make money quickly. The investor will be persuaded to invest more money in order to receive higher returns once this confidence has been developed. Other rewards might also be offered to entice investors to invite their friends and family to use the site.

How to spot a scam?

In the time of information, it is not difficult to check the legitimacy and reliability of any company or broker. It is simple to safeguard yourself against fake brokers or blacklisted brokers. However, if you want more information, you can read about these common practices followed by scam brokers and check them with TradingBinance.

  • They guarantee high benefits that sound too good to be true.
  • They may not be regulated by any major authority like FCA, FMA, FINMA, ASIC, SEC, etc.
  • They ask you for personal information, like your bank details or passwords.
  • Have no or less transparency.
  • They follow some unprofessional practices and dubious strategies.
  • Stop communication once you ask for a withdrawal.
  • They ask you to quickly transfer money.

Got scammed by TradingBinance? File a Complaint against TradingBinance for a recovery process

It is tough to recognize fake brokers at first glance, yet that is the place where we can help. If you want to invest in online trading, it is a good idea to look at the list of scam brokers 2023 and avoid the brokers present on the list. This will help you in safe trading and keep your investments safe with the right broker.

All Scam Reports have a team of experts who work to get your money back from scammers. We have broad involvement in chargebacks, forex scam recovery, crypto scam recovery, and the ability to manage a wide range of cases. All Scam Reports Team advises the user to avoid investing here, as we have found that the TradingBinance broker is suspicious, and operating without any legal license. There has been proof of some suspicious activities similar to the signs mentioned in the TradingBinance review.

So it can be concluded from this TradingBinance review that this broker is a potential scam.

Investors should always remember that scammers don’t have any right to take away their funds in illegal ways and hence, it is their responsibility to fight for it and get it back from the scammers. All Scam Reports Team is here to help you out in this situation of fund recovery. All you need to do is to fill out a small complaint form, and we will be in touch with you shortly with a free consultation.

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