TiMarkets Review | A Legit or Scam Broker?

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Introduction to TiMarkets Review:

With attractive visuals on the home page, TiMarkets did attempt to impress us at first. However, the fact that the company doesn’t even try to hide the wrongdoings is what makes us question whether TiMarkets realizes the potential scam that it is running. Our experts were able to detect a variety of red flags that TiMarkets hoisted on its home page itself. A little time on their homepage was enough for us to realize that TiMarkets is heavily inclined towards being yet another scam broker that deliberately makes the customer lose the trade to earn money. Read on to know more about the TiMarkets scam in this TiMarkets review.

Debunking the Claims:

In this section, we will specifically address the red flags in TiMarkets. We will also be explaining why the issues are problematic.

Address and Regulation:

TiMarkets proudly claims to be based out of the UK. When a brokerage firm claims to be based in the UK, you must think it has a license from one of the leading regulators of the world, FCA. TiMarkets does claim to have a license but not from the FCA. On the homepage, TiMarkets states that it has a license from IRBEM. Upon a little investigation on this new regulator, we came to know that it is fake and nurtures such scam brokers. This raises the first red flag against TiMarkets as it clearly lied about its license. TiMarkets is UNREGULATED.

TiMarkets Deposits and Withdrawals Fees:

There is a strange process and description for TiMarkets deposits and withdrawal scheme. The minimum deposit demanded by TiMarkets is $250. This is the common minimum deposit demanded by the scam brokers as a measure of extorting more money from innocent traders. TiMarkets also has a minimum withdrawal fee of $50. If you are thinking these are the red flags, the major red flag is yet to come. TiMarkets does not let its users withdraw the profit that they have gained via the trades. This is a major red flag hoisted by TiMarkets in this TiMarkets review.


Various countries put a hold on the maximum leverage that can be offered at 1:30 and 1:50. However, the scam brokers offer huge leverages in order to lure innocent customers into making an account with their firms. TiMarkets offers leverage of 1:500 to their customers. This poses yet another red flag against TiMarkets in this TiMarkets review.


To sum up, all that has been said above, we leave the decision of deciding whether TiMarkets is a scam or legit upon our dear readers. If you are trading with TiMarkets or are thinking of making an account with TiMarkets, we warn you as TiMarkets is a potential scam broker with a wide variety of red flags. If you have been scammed by TiMarkets or any other scam broker, we are here to help you. All you have to do is file a complaint with us and we will get back to you with the best possible solutions to get your money back.

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