Telegram Scams

Telegram is one of the most widespread and popular social media sites. With knowledgeable administrators, it is easy to troubleshoot and chat. This too has attracted scammers and look-alikes who communicate in a straight message to users, who is usually inexperienced or new member. They pretend to offer help and support. They try to scam them.

1. How do scammers work?

Advanced scammers build huge and intricate groups or websites coolly duplicate other channels’ branding. Fill the website with fake and phony accounts and offer tempting offers which are mostly scams.

There are many scams on telegram. One such is a crypto scam.

2. Crypto scam on Telegram

Telegram has become a “haven” for crypto scams. It is very difficult to tell pretenders or fraudsters from the real thing.

Scammers frequently and regularly create virtually almost lookalike Telegram groups. In that, they copy all the branding and graphics from original or legitimate websites. Depending on your Telegram settings they may add you too.

3. Be cautious if added to an unknown group

Take notice if you find yourself added to a new and unknown group/channel that shows it to be active in trading or mining or broking for cryptocurrency. It will appear to you that many active and aficionado members will be chatting that they have won rewards, awards, and prizes. Mostly many of them are conspirators or associates.

In a fake group, you will not be able to text or enter your message. This is the first warning sign: no place for entering your message. The broadcast channel will only show a loudspeaker icon with a red border. It offers only two options: mute and unmute.

If you have been added unexpectedly by an impostor channel, as a precautionary measure report the channel and exit. You can also modify your settings to “my contact” instead of “everybody” who can add you to groups and channels. Go to setting, select privacy and security. Go to groups and channels and set group invite set to “my contacts”.  In the future, nobody outsider or unknown can add you.

4. Messaging on Telegram

There are two ways to chat on Telegram. Direct or one-to-one messaging (also called inbox or private messaging). The other is ‘messaging in group’ where all present users can chat/message together in a group. Scammers usually choose one-to-one or direct messaging to reach out to the user (victim). From the main chat group, the scammers do not even have to list the user (victim) account. The scammers usually use secondary accounts in their main messaging group. Whenever the fraudster or scammer notices any new or inexperienced member having technical queries or doubt or problems then they use their “other” or scam account and directly chat with that user.

This issue can be avoided since admins never start a direct chat with the user. Only if the user is in a problem or has a question that needs singular help, admins initiate a chat in the main channel. If the issue cannot be resolved there, then only admins allow the user for a direct private chat or messaging. If the admin directly/openly messages you on Telegram, consider it from a scammer who is out there to cheat/scam you.

5. Hurry or miss opportunity

Scammers have many tricks up their sleeves. One is “time pressure”. They simply do not give you time to think and observe before coming to any conclusion. The idea is to make you act fast and make a quick decision. They will show or express to you that if you delay, you will miss an opportunity of a lifetime.

Never use social media for any crypto transaction. Do not provide your password or recovery word or private keys on Telegram. The chances are very high that you will be scammed. Remember if anyone asks for your private keys or a seed word is taking you for a ride. Those seed words or private keys are only for official wallets and on official sites.

Be alert and prevent yourself from being a victim of a scam. Don’t reply to any direct messages or chats on Telegram.

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