Name of Broker – StarekForex

Website –

Regulated By – Suspicious Regulatory License

Warning Issued By – Not Recommended By Review Website Like All Scam Reports


Starek is an online investment trading company that claims they are the future of trading. It is situated in EnglandIt has been registered by the name contact you by email at They can also contact by phone number at 00444374206. The domain name of the company is They claim that they want to build a relationship with traders. They also claim that they provide the best trading tools in the market.

In this Starek review, he will get to know about how we suspect it as a scam.

Withdrawal and Deposit method

Starek Forex is a fraudster’s forex company. They did not disclose the minimum amount that investors can deposit or withdraw. They also hide the payment method. These are points that show they are scam brokers and do forex scams.

Is Starek a legit broker or not?

 A legitimate broker is one that has a valid license to provide its services. According to our research, Starek is not a legit broker. It does not hold any license given by the authority. Never trust these brokers who don’t have a license or legal certificate because they do forex scams or be a part of a scam or Cryptocurrency scam. 

How does the scam work?

You will see a promising ad on the internet, which gives you quick and easy profits and all you have to do is deposit a small amount of money. In the next step, they are requesting you to give your email address and phone number. After that, you receive many calls and emails to deposit money. They gain your trust, and you will be glad that the amount you are investing is giving you a good profit. These are the tricks that are used by scam brokers. But at the time of withdrawing money, you will face countless reasons why you cannot withdraw the money. They show all terms and conditions, that you did not notice when you signed up. They ask for more money to recover your fund, but nothing will happen. At a point, you will realize that something is wrong. At this time, your broker will stop communicating with you. If you are still contacting them, your account will be blocked.

Public review

The review of Starek is present on all sites is not good. According to All Scam Report,ratings and reviews of this platform are low,and they failed to show quality results. After reading all negative and positive reviews, and pursuing this Starek Review, we claim that this broker is not secure and suspiciously involved in a forex scam or cryptocurrency scam.


All Scam Report advises all traders to avoid Starek and other unregulated brokers. If a broker hides the information about their regulation certificate, terms and condition, owner name, and contact details, that shows a red flag for those who want to invest with them. These investment companies do forex scams, or they are scam brokers. 

If you are a victim of any such scams, All Scam Report helps you to recover your fund or fund recovery. We provide a complaint form for traders. Fill in all details, and the rest process is done by our team. We regularly provide a scam broker list that can help you avoid a forex scam.

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