Save yourself from Fake Regulators and Exchanges too!

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With the financial market seeing an increased inflow of customers, scammers have switched their roles. From posing as legitimate brokerage firms to lure in and trap customers, these scammers have started creating fake Regulatory Authorities and Exchanges as well. Regulation is the most important parameter that everyone should make sure that a brokerage firm has before investing your hard-earned money with them. With the entering of scammers into the regulatory authority, here are a few of the regulatory authorities and exchanges that you must look out for. If you spot that any brokerage firm is licensed by the names listed below, immediately steer away from the firm.

Alliance Financial Regulatory Board  USA
American Futures and Options Exchange
American Futures and Options Trading Commission (AFOTC)
Beacon Commodities and Futures Exchange (BCFX)
Beacon Hill Regulatory Trade Commission  BOSTON 
Belgium Commodities & Futures
Board of Securities Trading Commission
Boston Mergers and Acquisitions Board  BOSTON
Bureau of Financial Services BoardUTAH
Bureau of Financial TradingUSA
Bureau of Foreign Security AffairsBELGIUM 
Commission on Financial and Securities ComplianceUSA
Committee of Regulation and Liquidation on Private VenturesUSA 
Commodities Futures Trading Commission
Commonwealth Regulatory BoardBOSTON
Department of Financial TradingWASHINGTON,
Department of Foreign Investment
Department of International Financial TradingWASHINGTON, DC
Department of Securities TradingUSA 
Digital Gold ExchangeSWITZERLAND
Deutsche Anstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (DAFIN)
East West Financial & Securities ComplianceUSA
Equities Trading CommissionWASHINGTON,
European Financial Services Conduct Authority
European Futures Options Commission
Federal Assurance Regulatory CommissionWASHINGTON, DC
Federal Mergers & Securities BoardOREGON 
Financial Assurance Regulatory BoardTOKYO
Financial Services Regulatory Authority of
Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Frankfurt (FSRAF)
Foreign Shareholders Protection Department  
Forensic Financial Fraud InvestigatorsUSA 
Frankfurt Financial Supervisory Authority
Futures Trading Standards
Global Metal and Commodities Exchange
Global Regulatory AuthorityTOKYO
Hong Kong Financial Services AuthorityHONG KONG
Hong Kong Financial Trading Authority (HKFTA)HONG
Hong Kong Futures and Options Exchange (HKFOX)HONG KONG 
Integrated Financial Regulatory BoardWASHINGTON,
Inter-global Financial Regulatory BoardPENNSYLVANIA
International Association of Transfer Agents
International Compliance Commission  
International Equity Commission  
International Exchange Regulatory Commission  
International Offshore Financial Markets Regulators (IOFMR)
International Organization of Securities Commission
International Regulatory Commission  
International Securities Tax
International Shareholder
Japan Futures Trading Fund (JFTB)
Japan Options and Futures Trading Board
National Compliance Regulatory
National Mergers and Acquisitions
National Shareholder Protection
Office of Financial AffairsUSA
Offshore Commodity Futures Dealers Association (OCFDA)BELGIUM 
Offshore Futures Securities Association
Offshore Investors Protection Association
Options and Futures Trade Commission
Overseas Holding Compensation Commission  
Plutus Private Equity
Prudential Regulatory BoardUSA
Regional Regulatory BoardWASHINGTON,
Regulatory Association Of Offshore Investment Managers
Regulatory Compliance Commission  
Securities Regulatory
Securities Regulatory and Investment
Sicfex Swiss International Commodities Futures Exchange
Swiss Commodities Futures Exchange  
Thompson Brennan StanleyNEW
Transfer Exchange CorporationNEW
The Futures Exchange Securities RegulatorNEW YORK
The International Board of Trade Commission
The International Regulatory Panel of Trade
United Kingdom Commodity Derivatives AssociationLONDON
United Kingdom Managed Futures AssociationLONDON
US Securities Investigative Committee  
US Stock RegulatorsUSA
World Options Exchange
World Trade Commodities Exchange
Worldwide Securities Investment Comission

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