RSQ Trading Review: Is RSQ Trading a scam broker or legitimate?

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Introduction to RSQ Trading Review:

Before we step into this RSQ Trading review, if you have been scammed by any scam brokers and are looking for ways to get your money back, do not worry at all. Just fill the form right above to file a complaint with us and we will get back to you with the best solutions for getting your money back. 

RSQ Trading claims to be a very famous brokerage firm that offers a wide variety of tradable instruments and investment products to its customers. The tradable instruments include 1000+ forex pairs and CFDs on a variety of items such as stocks, indices, commodities, etc. While bragging about how they are world-famous and their customers’ first choice, RSQ Trading also guarantees a seamless trading experience. If you are also starting to think that RSQ Trading might be a regulated brokerage firm, you are deeply wrong. Read the full RSQ Trading review to know more about the RSQ Trading scam.

About RSQ Trading:

This section will specifically be for explaining the red flags posed by RSQ Trading.

Is RSQ Trading regulated by any of the regulators?

RSQ Trading very carefully tries to send their customers on a never-ending loop in order to protect their fabricated lies. In the terms and conditions given on their website, the companies state that in order for the traders to trade with RSQ Trading, they must be regulated by the necessary regulation. As bizarre as this may seem, RSQ Trading has really claimed this and further provided no evidence about the company being regulated or not. From this, it is clear that RSQ Trading is UNREGULATED and trying to trick people under the pretext of being world-famous. One must never trade or even make an account with an unregulated brokerage firm. There is no money security if the brokerage firm is unregulated and this can further increase the difficulty in fund recovery if you get scammed. 

What is the minimum initial deposit demanded by RSQ Trading?

RSQ Trading demands a minimum initial deposit of 250 USD from their “dearest” customers. IF you are a regular reader of our review, you might already know how dangerous red flags are and this is a red flag against the RSQ Trading scam in this RSQ Trading review. Minimum Initial Deposits should be asked in very small deposits and regulated brokerage firms stick to demanding minimum initial deposits below 10 USD. 

Conclusion: Is RSQ Trading a scam or legit?

The leverage offered by RSQ Trading is 1:400 for their customers which is unbelievably high again. Such leverages put the traders at a greater risk of losing the trade. 

To conclude this RSQ Trading review, we can say that RSQ Trading is a potential scammer. We warn our readers to stay extremely careful and avoid RSQ Trading for trading. To read more such reviews like the RSQ Trading review, visit our page and also let us know what you have to say about the RSQ Trading scam.

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