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Who are we!

All Scam Reports is an online help community that focuses on helping the victims of fraud

By offering several scam reports and complete assistance in recovering funds.


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Forex Scams Recovery

t is the trading of currencies of different countries. Scammers lure persons to deal in forex trading to earn huge profits.

 If you have lost your money in the Forex scam, Join the expert fund recovery service provider that helps scam victims recover money from a scam forex broker.

Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery

Cryptocurrency scams are on the surge and various news on crypto frauds are looming. Recovering your cryptocurrency from the fraudsters is possible with All Scam Reports. We are dedicated to our service in guiding you and helping you in your fund recovery journey. Contact us and get your lost funds back!


Investment Scam Recovery

The scammers use investors as their target. They trap the victim to invest money in fake businesses.

Other scams are stockbrokers trading scams, social engineering scams, giveaway scams, romance scams, phishing scams, investment opportunity scams, etc. 



How do we work

Various case-specific factors may differ between one or more cases. A portion of the elements includes the data and proof you can provide, your deposit history, the strategies of your bank, and so on. This data will be valuable for building your case successfully.

All scam reports take the best approach, which increases the likelihood of full fund recovery.


Analyze Your Case

We thoroughly review your case to ensure that you get back what you lost following the law and regulations.

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Assemble Evidence

We advise you on what evidence is needed to support your case and conduct appropriate investigations

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Demonstrating The Risk

We expertly present the case to demonstrate the carelessness of working with mishandled assets.

Get Your Fund Recovered

The assets will be returned to their original source soon. The majority of cases are resolved within months.

Have You been Scammed?

Have you been scammed? Have you lost your funds? If yes, then
you are at the right place. All Scam Report provides you the
detailed assistance in getting your funds back from scammers.
We deal with all kinds of scam recovery services such as Forex
scams, Crypto scams, Pet Scams, Romance Scams, etc.


Real Broker Scam reports 2023

The scammers always look for new tactics to fraud the people. Every day, lots of innocent people fall into this trap losing their funds.

All Scam Reports works dedicatedly to provide you with the scam reports of different brokers and scammers, actively operating in the market.

It will help you in gaining knowledge about the present scams taking place and how these frauds can be avoided.

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What People Are Saying

Recovering funds from a Bitcoin Scam is not an easy job and I must say All Scam Reports team has done it for me. Highly efficient tracing system and experts to deal with the situation. Process oriented Team!

Kathe Daniel 

Faif Financials

Nobody can judge today whether an online seller is genuine or not. They do all to look legitimate. All Scam Reports not only helped me in recovery but also provided me the signs of a scam website

Brett Graham

Alex Hardware Services

I was victimized by an Initial Coin Offerings scam where I Invested thousands of dollars but no result. Some recovery companies ditched me but luckily I landed to allscamreports website which finally helped me.

Roma Parker

Elina Consultants

I was a victim of Cash App Scam and lost all hopes of getting my funds back. Luckily I came across All Scam Reports website. They did their best and helped me what they promised.

Paola Stevenson

ASF Store

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