Introduction to OptionStars Review:

The trade industry has been attacked by the parasites known as scams. With a variety of convincing tricks and psychological pressure, these scam brokers are easily able to persuade innocent and unsuspecting customers into making an account with their scam brokerage firm. OptionStars is yet another brokerage firm that claims to be the best in the market. They claim to make trading easier for those who are new as well as experienced traders. Read the full OptionStars review to know why OptionStars is a potential scam.

Debunking the claims:

Address and Regulation:

OptionStars is the brainchild of another company by the name of New Markets SA. Although we were not able to collect much information about the address as it was not given on OptionStars’ home page. However, a little investigation on the parent company revealed a lot more about OptionStars. Both of these companies are based out of Samoa. For those of you who are new to this industry and its working, Samoa is yet another offshore zone and is a hub for scam brokers. Offshore zones are named that way because it does not have a regulatory body to supervise the brokerage firms based out of the place. The absence of a regulator and a license indicates a major risk to your money is invested with an offshore brokerage firm. From here, it is clear that OptionStars is UNREGULATED.

Minimum deposits and leverage:

OptionStars offers three different accounts for their customers to trade with. They claim that all three accounts have varying benefits and are custom-made for their traders. However, they do not exactly reveal the benefits of the accounts. This is another red flag against the company that they are withholding crucial information from the customers.

OptionStars demands a minimum deposit of $250. This is also the most common minimum deposit asked by scam brokers. The high minimum deposit demanded by OptionStars raises yet another red flag against OptionStars in this OptionStars review. The company provides no information on the leverage that they provide to the customers except the usual statement of high leverages for the benefit of the customers.

Trading Software:

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are two of the commonly used trading platforms by the regulated brokerage firms due to the vast amount of options and applications that these software offer. OptionStars does not offer MT 4 or MT 5 as their trading platforms. The company offers its customers a trading platform that is allegedly made by the company itself. Upon checking this trading platform, we were highly disappointed due to various reasons such as slow loading. The platform was not at all user-friendly and would have been a very difficult task for beginners. The tools provided are very old and no new additions are made as per the market requirements.


To sum up, all that has been stated above, we can clearly decide on the fact that OptionStars is a potential scam. If you have been scammed by OptionStars or any other scam broker, do not worry. File a complaint with All Scam Reports and get instant replies with the best solutions for fund recovery.

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