Introduction to OptionsStars Global review:

Investing and trading in the market is considered one of the best sources of passive income. Be it investing in forex or any other tradeable asset, with the right knowledge traders can earn huge amounts of profits. However, there is a tiny problem associated with entering the trade industry – Scams. If the trader is not cautious, these scam brokers lure them with fake promises of irresistible profits and steal all their money. OptionStars Global advertises itself to be one of the leading brokerage firms in the trade market with millions of customers earning profits. The company also claims a lot of other things on their website that turned out to be utter lies. With a minimum deposit of $250 and high leverage to attract customers, read the complete OptionStars Global review to know why OptionStars Global is a potential scam.

Debunking the Claims:

In this section, we specifically address all the red flags posted by OptionStars Global. We will also be giving the reasons as to why these are problematic and why OptionStars Global is considered a potential scam.

Address and Regulation:

OptionStars Global proudly claims on their homepage that the company is based out of England. For those of you who are not aware of the regulations and their jurisdictions, we must tell you that England comes under the jurisdiction of one of the leading regulatory bodies, the Financial Conduct Authority which is also called the FCA. If a brokerage firm is based out of England, then it should be regulated by the FCA right? However, that is not the case with OptionStars Global. Upon checking the regulations and licenses of the company, OptionStars Global claims to be regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission or the CySEC of Cyprus. When we checked with CySEC, it turns out that OptionStars Global was lying here as well. From this, it is clear that OptionStars Global is clearly trying to get their customers on a round-a-bout with no stop with all these baseless lies and allegations. OptionStars Global is clearly UNREGULATED. This poses the first red flag against the company in this OptionStars Global review. 


Apart from having no license from any of the regulations around the world, OptionStars Global also has been blacklisted by some of the leading regulatory bodies from around the world. The Financial Conduct Authority or the FCA of the UK has blacklisted OptionStars Global. FCA has also warned their citizens stating that OptionStars Global is an unregulated firm and is not fit for trade. The second blacklist warning has been issued by the British Columbia Securities Commission or the BCSC. 


To sum up, all that has been stated above, we leave the decision of deciding whether OptionStars Global is a scam or not to our dear readers. If you are trading with OptionStars Global or are thinking of opening an account with OptionStars Global, we warn you as OptionStars Global is a potential scam brokerage firm. If you have been scammed by OptionStars Global or any other scam broker, fill the form on the top of the page and file a complaint with us. Our panel of experts will analyze the complaint and get back to you with the best solutions.

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