Stock or securities brokers are principally agents or professionals who guide you regarding financial investments on the stock market. Brokers act as an intermediate for the purchase/sale of securities, stocks, bonds, etc., and you. Investment needs differ for every customer. In exchange for his broking service, the broking firm will charge a fee/commission, which can be a percentage of the share transaction value or a flat fee.

Choosing the correct and honest financial broker is important as your investments are at stake. You need some person who is trustworthy and skilful of doing the job, it is not for the average person. The problem is how do you identify if someone is competent or not, to be your broker? Luckily, it has become much easier to check up on your broker or sub-brokers by their registration number. All brokers and sub-broker are registered by the concerned governmental agencies. A list of regulated brokers is on display. So is the list of unregulated scam brokers is displayed.

You can go through reviews of different brokers before advancing. You can go through reviews on hundreds of brokers at All Scam Reports before investing your hard-earned money. The list is restructured frequently and then whenever a different fraud online scammer is exposed. You will have the latest and up-to-date list.

Why a list of blacklisted brokers 2022 is need of the hour?

With the exponential rise in cyber scams and fraudulent brokers over the years, stockbrokers and other agencies around the world are coming together to share information on fraudsters, to blacklist them. The agencies and stockbrokers are planning to set up a negative database across all available platforms and formats that will serve as a storehouse of all scammers, types of frauds/scams, and prepare a fraud/scam heat map across the globe. This database will be helpful to merchants, investors, traders, and customers to tackle badly-behaved participants in the segment.

What are blacklists?

Any source or publisher whose activities and actions match an identified fraud/scam pattern is testified as fraud/scam and blocked wherever possible.

Many anti-fraud agencies that purchase or maintain their blacklists of bot signatures, device ID, and IP addresses are known to commit fraud.

Added to the blacklist once, all installs and clicks from a blacklisted source are spontaneously blocked.

List of few blacklisted brokers 2022

There are many numbers of fraud brokers. Our fundamental aim is to assist you with being familiar with scammers and a legitimate/regulated broker. To be open to any danger from these scammers, you can file a complaint with us. Just fill in the form with assured and minimum details to retrieve your scammed money back.

Here is the list of blacklisted brokers 2022 for you with whom you should not get involved with.

Yokohama Trading, Eurotrade, ET Finance, OrbitGTM, Superior Crypto Trade, Bit Crypto Alliance, Super Trade FX, Future Currency Trading, Capital Group80, Meteor Trade, Ionic Capital, FX Bullion, Varot Financial, PrimeFin, Tredo Tech, Golden Sky Capital, Index Evolve, Market Pro Trade, Titan FX, Flatvisions, Calibur, Indigo Capitals, Prosperity, Forex MLM, Swissquotes, Axes, ABS Life Asset Management, FincorpFX and countless more.


Selecting the right and true broker for your investing and trading activities in the stock market is crucial. One wrong decision of choosing a fraud broker and you could be putting at risk your corpus. Take a look at reviews of countless scam brokers at All Scam Reports. As long as you have appropriately verified your broker or sub-brokers registration, you have the green signal for investing/trading.

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