HengryFX Review 2022

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Website – hengryfx.net, hengry-fx.com, hengryfx.com, hengryltd.com

Address – 2308 E 34th Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA, V5R 2S7

Warning Issued By – Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom) and British Columbia Securities Commission (Canada)


HengryFX is one more unreliable and offshore broker. Read a complete HengryFX review before investing with this broker.

HengryFX Review: Introduction

HengryFX introduces itself as an honor-winning forex broker with years of experience in the financial market. Behind these claims lies a questionable site brimming with bogus and deceptive data. 

HengryFX’s site has all the earmarks of being deprived of fundamental data and usefulness. The data accessible on the site is a very sizable amount of confirmation that HengryFX isn’t the authorized broker it claims to be. 

In this HengryFX review, you will learn more about the scams done by HengryFX.

HengryFX Review: Regulation Status

HengryFX is neither regulated nor holds any valid license from any genuine regulator. HengryFX is owned by a Canadian company, Hengry Global Capital Limited, which is authorized by the national financial intelligence agency of Canada, i.e., FINTRAC. FINTRAC has no association with the forex market, and HengryFX provides online trading services that require alternate approval. 

Thus, HengryFX introduces itself as a real broker in the financial market to trap traders in their scams. This leads us to think that the broker may be involved in some kind of scam activity, so it is better to avoid this broker.

HengryFX Review: Public Warning

You can find many negative HengryFX reviews and complaints on the web. The main thing for financial firms is to have at least one genuine license from the nation in which they offer their services. But, HengryFX doesn’t have any licenses and, consequently, doesn’t qualify to offer trading and investment services. 

The broker also got a warning from the British regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority. According to the FCA, the broker is illegally offering financial services. 

HengryFX Review: Trading Platform

HengryFX claims to use the most broadly utilized trading platform, MetaTrader 5 (MT5). When you sign in to the client portal, you will find no download link accessible on the landing page. On further examination, we find that the software is unauthorized.

HengryFX Review: Withdrawal Issue

Cryptocurrency is the only option for deposit and withdrawal. You can subsidize your account just through Etherium, Bitcoin, and Tie. There are no installment strategies like PayPal, bank transfer, cards, etc. Because of its non-refundable nature, the broker prefers cryptocurrency.

Significant Data Not Revealed

One more significant thing of doubt is that HengryFX deliberately concealed a ton of data from the public that is vital, for example, minimum initial deposits. Concealing such data is exceptionally untrustworthy and consequently raises one more warning against HengryFX.

HengryFX Review – Conclusion

To summarize everything that has been expressed in this HengryFX review, it is up to you to decide whether HengryFX is a scam or not. We advise you to avoid HengryFX as it is likely a scam and an unregulated firm. 

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