To measure the largest/biggest scam we see how many people are affected and how many dollars are scammed.

We will list these scams which are officially reported to government regulators and we hope this scam review 2022 will help you avoid getting into trouble.

Harassment for Debt collection

By far most of the complaints received by the authority fall under this category. Consumer grumbled that they receive harassing calls from a debt collector. Others compliant are credit repair companies, debit/credit card fees, unauthorized use of debit/credit cards, and payday loan. To top it there are hidden charges and billing disputes.

Fake governmental officials

Some fake governmental officials will contact you through a letter, email, or phone call and tell you to send money through Moneygram or Western Union somewhere or to follow the link and enter your information. Governmental officials never use this method to carry out any financial transaction or pay any bill.

Identity theft and phishing

It is easy for scammers to gain access to your confidential information, like name, social security numbers, address, and date of birth, and then use this information to apply for credit cards, home loans, car loans, etc. Usually, the victim receives an email that appears to have come from the bank or a credit card company. There are inbuilt links whereby scammers request you to update account information. The emails and websites are fake. A clone of a reputed credit card company or bank is used to gather your information.

Telephone scam

The telemarketers violate the “do not call” list. Scammers and robot dialers call up pretending to be from a credit card company or bank. The scammers somehow get access to the ‘do not call’ list from the grey market. They pretend to be government officials to confirm if you signed up for the ‘do not call’ list. Their excuse can be like “this is Microsoft. This call is to apprise you that your Microsoft license key has expired, to reactivate/restart press 1 and talk with our customer care executive.” and update your data know or you will not be able to use Microsoft products. Never share any of your information.

Credit score fixers/loan scam

Even if you have a bad credit score, the scammers promise that they can provide you with a business or personal loan for some upfront fee. They may also promise that they can repair your score for a fee. Once you pay the required fee they simply vanish.

Lottery scams, gifts, sweepstakes, and fake prizes

Out of the blue, you will get an email pro-claiming you have won a lottery, prize, or gift. You will have to pay a ‘small fee’ to claim it. The ‘small fee’ is for covering taxes, administrative costs, processing documents, and/or handling costs. Genuine lottery companies never ask the winners to pay any money nor do they notify via email. It sounds absurd, how can you win a prize if you have not entered?

Online goods scam

You have purchased something online and paid for it. The merchandise does not get delivered or maybe defective, or of lower quality. Online shopping scams are on the rise. As more and more people order goods online from the comfort of their homes.

Automobiles-related complaints

Consumers are complaining that they paid for repairs but inferior services were provided. Yet another complaint is that the repaired automobile is in returned in worst condition than they have taken before repairs. Another complaint, consumers do not have the title of their vehicle at the time of sale.

Spoofing/phishing emails

They are those fake emails that pretend to be sent from government agencies, companies, or organizations asking you to confirm or enter your personal information.

Fake fund recovery firms

The scammers claim that they will recover all the funds that you lost to online fraud like cryptocurrency scams, unauthorized forex broker scams, stock market scams, binary options scams, pet scams, romance scams, etc. It is a difficult and long-drawn-out process to recover funds from these scammers. But fund recovery firms claim they will fully recover your funds in a very short time. In reality, there are very few firms that have the expertise to recover those lost funds. It is not possible to recover your complete fund.

Withdrawal problems

In the field of the financial market biggest problem arises when the trader requests for withdrawal of his funds. The fraud broker, on some pretext or the other indefinitely delays the request. Sometimes if the trader pressurizes too much for a withdrawal his account is suspended or closed.

One thing is for sure, prevention is better than cure. Be vigilant before investing. All Scam Reports motto is to help victims of fraud/scams get a maximum refund of their lost money. 

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