Introduction to Foretrade Mining review:

Trade and investment are a great way of earning passive income. With the comfort of your home and the right information as to where to invest and what to trade-in, you can also earn lots of profits each day. However, there is much more to the financial market than just the profits. Due to the number of people receiving profits from the financial market, the market is an easy target for scammers looking to prey on innocent people. If you are here to check whether Foretrade Mining is a scam or not, read the full review and decide for yourself!

About Foretrade Mining:

What are the different account types offered by Foretrade Mining?

Upon investigating on their website, Foretrade Mining claims a lot and boasts about itself. On the website, they claim to provide a variety of accounts on a weekly and monthly basis with different deposits. The accounts on a weekly basis are Basic, Starter, Deluxe, Executive, and Gold. The deposits needed for these accounts are as follows: Basic at $500, Starter at $1000, Deluxe at $2000, Executive at $3000, and Gold at $4000. If you are thinking these are high, the accounts on a monthly basis will shock you. The accounts monthly with their deposits are as follows: Premium at $5000, VIP at $75000, VIP Luxury at $150000, Silver Platinum at $350000, Gold Platinum at $500000, VIP Gold Platinum at $750000 and Gold Luxury platinum at $1000000.

Is Foretrade Mining regulated by any of the regulators?

Yet again, on their website, the company might have gone a little overboard and claimed to have been regulated by various regulators including top tier regulators such as the ASIC and the FCA. However, upon checking on the respective websites of FCA and ASIC, we realized that the company is not registered with them. Furthermore, if we check with the name Fortrade Limited, a registration appears which states that the company headquarters is in London. This is completely different from what Fortrade Mining’s website claims that the headquarters is located in the US. This can be considered as one of the red flags. Foretrade Mining also claims to be regulated by a variety of other regulators such as the CONSOB, MFSA, SEC, etc. All of these can be just as fake as their claim for FCA and ASIC.

What is the leverage provided by Foretrade Mining?

Although the website is slightly confusing and highly time taking as everything is differently mentioned. The leverage offered for forex is 1:30 with a small note below stating it is 1:100 for professional traders. For precious metals, the company offers a leverage of 1:20 whereas it is 1:10 for energy carriers.

Conclusion: is Foretrade Mining a scam or legit?

To sum up, all that has been said above, we leave the decision upon you to judge whether Foretrade Mining scam is a brokerage firm or a legitimate firm. We will request you to move with caution as the company is not registered under any regulation, and therefore there is a risk of you losing your money. If you have been scammed by Foretrade Mining, fill the form on our home page, and we will get back to you shortly!

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