Introduction to Fentech Investment Review:

Scammers are lurking everywhere. At this right moment, there may be thousands of scammers waiting for the right moment to trap the innocent people around them through the internet. With the introduction of the internet, these scams increased by folds as criminals now had the opportunity to scam people sitting in another corner of the world. We know how scary it can be. To help you stay a little safer out there, we publish scam broker reviews every day with details on the red flags posted by them. This not only helps the readers in staying away from the brokers we write about but also helps them in identifying the scam brokers lurking out there on their own. Fentech Investment introduces itself as one of the forex brokerage firms in the market with a wide number of customers. Apart from offering forex, the company also claims to be dealing in cryptocurrency. To know why we think that the Fentech Investment scam is real, read the full Fentech Investment review.

About Fentech Investment:

Is Fentech Investment regulated by any of the regulators?

After reading the whole content on their website, it was clear to us that Fentech Investment has bragged on and on with all sorts of lies. One of the major lies that Fentech Investment has said is about the regulation. Although the company claims to be regulated by various regulations from around the world. Upon checking, it was clear that Fentech Investment is clearly UNREGULATED. This is the first red flag against the Fentech Investment scam in this Fentech Investment review.

Who are the founder/founders of Fentech Investment?

On their website, Fentech Investment advertises a man named Frank Edward as the CEO of the company. However, a little image search was enough to prove the big lie that Fentech Investment has been hiding. The photo of their alleged CEO is just on the stock photos from the internet. It is still not clear if Frank Edward even is a real personality.

What is the minimum deposit demanded by Fentech Investment?

Fentech Investment demands a minimum deposit of $100 from their customers. Although it is not a huge amount as compared to the amount demanded by the other scam brokers, it is still a huge amount when we take into account the minimum deposit demanded by the regulated brokerage firms which lie under $10.

Conclusion: Is Fentech Investment a scam or legit?

To conclude, it is clear that Fentech Investment is a potential scam. We warn our readers to be extra careful if trading or investing with Fentech Investment as it is an unregulated brokerage firm. One must never trade with any unregulated brokerage firm at any cost. If you have been scammed by Fentech Investment or any other brokerage firm, you know what to do. Just fill the form on top of this page and we will give you solutions to get your money back.

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