Name of Broker – ElbrobaxFX

Website –

Regulated By – Unregulated

Warning Issued By – Not Recommended By Review Website Like All Scam Reports


ElbrobaxFX claims to be the most trusted and secure trading platform. It also claims that it is one of the leading, best, successful trading companies in the market. This company is established in California, USA. They provide their email and contact number +18024662144. The name of their website is

If you are thinking to invest with ElbrobaxFX but avoid the scams, read the ElbrobaxFX review and get to know about the scam activities of broker in detail.

Company analysis

Analysis and research work is significant if you are using a trading website. This company provides services as they invest in gold, oil, and currencies. According to the All Scam Reports, the owner of the ElbrobaxFX website is hiding its identity. Some information which they provide is not genuine. We have written brief details on ElbrobaxFX Review.

Is ElbrobaxFX company legit or not? 

While searching for a trader, the key factor is to check the broker’s regulated license. It shows whether they are regulated by the authority and eligible for providing trading and investment services. If they do not hold any genuine license, that means they are an offshore or unregulated identity. ElbrobaxFX Company is not a legit trading platform because its links are connected with scam brokers that prove they are involved in forex scams.

Review and Complaints 

Reviews and ratings are significant for traders before investing in any platform. Several complaints and negative ElbrobaxFX reviews have been found on various online review sites. All Scam Reports advise the traders not to invest their money in those trading platforms that have negative reviews and low ratings. 

How does the scam work? 

While browsing the internet, you may see many fraudulent ads and social media posts that give you many offers like – they return double your investment. They ask for your details like contact number and email and, if you once provide them, they contact you immediately and force you to invest in them by giving great deals. They started giving you a good return, which is nothing but a strategy to gain your trust. If you deposit an amount and make a good profit, the broker will not allow you to withdraw that profit. Your accounts will get blocked and the reason is terms and conditions that you did not notice at the time of signup. If you want your money, they ask for more money to recover your funds, but nothing will get back. It’s a scam.

Fund Recovery

If you get scammed by a broker, don’t lose hope. The first thing to do is charge back if you made the payment using your card and can claim a chargeback. If the transfer is done by your bank account then, contact the bank and tell them about the scam so they can change your username and password.

Final thoughts

All Scam Reports never support investing money in an unregulated broker. We all advise the investor to check all the details of the website. We support you and give solutions to the victim of a forex scam, to get out of this situation. Please fill out a complaint form, and we will help you with our free consultation to get your money back.