E-Capital Forex Review

Name of Broker – E-Capital Forex

Website – ecapitalforex.com

Regulated By – Unregulated, Blacklisted, Offshore, Scam

Warning Issued By – Financial Market Authority (New Zealand)

Introduction to E-Capital Forex Review

Scammers are plenty in the world. Infesting every possible industry and stealing from poor and innocent people, these scammers have grown in various folds since the era of the internet has appeared. By sitting in the comfort of their own houses, these scammers establish their companies in other corners of the world and continue to scam people anonymously. Every day, we receive hundreds of complaints against scammers in the trade industry. To prevent more people from getting scammed, we bring to you daily scam broker reviews with a detailed investigation of the red flags hoisted by them. This not only helps our readers in avoiding the scam brokers we have already covered but also helps in identifying the red flags posed by potential scammers as well. In this review, we will be investigating E-Capital Forex. Claiming to be one of the best in the market, E-Capital Forex is hiding a lot under their smiles and apparent dedication to helping their customers. Read the full E-Capital Forex review to know more about the E-Capital Forex scam.

About E-Capital Forex

Is E-Capital Forex a regulated brokerage firm?

Although E-Capital Forex claims to be a regulated brokerage firm, we soon uncovered the reality when we cross-checked with the regulations. It was found that E-Capital Forex is UNREGULATED and is lying on the website to lure in potential traders. To add to this eye-opening red flag, it was also found that E-Capital Forex, which claims to be based out of New Zealand, is actually based out of the offshore zones. This makes it clear that E-Capital Forex is unregulated and is lying to the public.

Is E-Capital Forex blacklisted by any regulation?

Yes, E-Capital Forex has been blacklisted by the Financial Market Authority of New Zealand. They further state in the warning to avoid E-Capital Forex and that E-Capital Forex is a potential scam. This is yet another clear red flag against the E-Capital Forex scam in this E-Capital Forex review.

What is the leverage provided by E-Capital Forex?

E-Capital Forex does not reveal the leverage or the spreads on their website. This is clearly against the rules because the information that is needed by the traders to make vital decisions such as whether to invest in the firm or not should always be made public. This is another red flag against the E-Capital Forex scam in this E-Capital Forex review.

Conclusion: Is E-Capital Forex a scam broker or a legitimate broker?

We leave it upon you to decide whether E-Capital Forex is a scam broker or a legitimate one. However, we request you to avoid trading or investing your hard-earned money with E-Capital Forex as it is a potential scam broker. If you have been scammed by E-Capital Forex or any other scam broker, file a complaint with us by filling out the form given below. Our customer support team will get back to you at the earliest with the best possible solutions for fund recovery. To read more scam broker reviews like the E-Capital Forex review, visit our website.

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