Introduction to Daxiron Review:

Scam brokers in the market are becoming cleverer than ever. With a lot of new tricks up their sleeves, these scam brokers are fooling more innocent victims than before. Being the financial watchdogs of society, it is essentially our duty to protect you from the harms of the scam. This is why we publish a review every day with detailed red flags about why you shouldn’t be trading with these brokerage firms. In today’s review, we will be discussing the red flags of a brokerage firm that goes by the name of Daxiron. Daxiron vouches that it is easy to invest in the financial market. The brokerage firm goes quite a long way as far as the bragging is concerned. If you are here with the intention of knowing whether Daxiron is a scam broker or a legitimate one, read the full Daxiron review to know more.

Name: Daxiron
Address: The Commonwealth of Dominica
Leverage Offered: 1:100
Minimum Initial Deposit: $250
Rating: 1/5

About Daxiron:

In this section of the Daxiron review, we will be revealing all the red flags raised against the Daxiron scam. Stay tuned to know more.


Despite claiming an easy process of trading that will be possible with the firm, a little investigation into the legitimacy of Daxiron revealed the exact opposite. It seems like Daxiron was intending to make the whole process of trading gruesome and traumatic for the customers. When we checked with the regulatory authorities, it was revealed that Daxiron does not have a license. Furthermore, it was also revealed that Daxiron is actually based out of the Commonwealth of Dominica. This raises concerns and red flags against the Daxiron scam in this Daxiron review.


Daxiron demands a huge minimum initial deposit of $250 as compared to the minimum deposit of $10 as demanded by the regulated brokerage firms. This has become a common technique with the scam brokers now that they will extort a huge amount of money from the scammers in the name of a minimum initial deposit. This gives us a red flag raised against the Daxiron scam in this Daxiron review.


Daxiron attempts to trick the customers in the section of leverage. Even though on their website, Daxiron claims to offer a leverage of only 1:30, when we attempt to sign up, their offer increases to 1:100. This is a huge red flag given by Daxiron as leverage as high as that can result in the trader losing all of their money.

Conclusion: Is Daxiron a scam broker or a legitimate one?

To sum up, all that has been stated above, we leave it upon you to decide whether Daxiron is a scam broker or not. However, we must warn you that Daxiron is a potential threat and an unregulated firm. To read more such scam broker reviews, visit our website or read our latest review on Elite Trading.

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