COTP Review

Name of Broker – Cryptos OTC Trading Platform

Website –,

Regulated By – Unregulated

Warning Issued By – Not Recommended By All Scam Reports

COTP is a broker that guarantees clients to pay 100% monthly profit from their investments. It promises clients a steady income utilizing a High-Frequency Trading (HFT) innovation.

Tragically, a few people fell into this trick and put their money into the thought of getting a profit. This Cryptos OTC Trading Platform or COTP review tends to show the tricks that guarantee you a high profit from your investments.

About COTP

COTPS or COTP stands for Cryptos OTC Trading Platform. COTP is an internet-based platform that professes to give its investors automated revenue. As per the report, the platform was established by Mars Brown in November 2021. The main objective of this platform is to make digital currency trading effective and straightforward. 

The platform is well versed in over-the-counter exchanging. Everyday profits from speculation are publicized as high as 3.6%.  

They also guarantee using artificial intelligence and calculations to exchange digital currencies and return benefits for financial backers.

Obviously, if you invest your money here, you will get a 100% benefit. Sounds Amazing! 

But the question is – Is COTP legit? Can you trust this broker?

No, COTP is neither legit nor trustworthy. Avoid investing your funds with this broker. There are many reasons to avoid investing your money here:

COTP Is Not Regulated

COTP gets enlisted in Colorado, so it is a US organization. A broker should be regulated if it is offering investment services, yet it isn’t. So it is overstepping the regulations, and it is an unlawful venture administration. Try not to get tricked by the FinCEN enlistment of COTP. The FinCEN expresses that the incorporation of a business on its site isn’t a confirmation of authenticity. 

Unrealistic Returns

COTP ensures clients a day-to-day benefit of 3.6%, which isn’t doable. The more terrible part is that it doesn’t show how this benefit is understood. Store any sum, exchanges occur without your management, and you’ll get a reward within 2 hours. Financial backers can store and pull out USDT, whatever is in the middle, isn’t applicable.

Negative Reviews

We looked for COTP reviews and got many negative reviews of this platform. Many people do not get the benefit from there to review it on the web. Also, we checked the trust score of this website and got 51%, which is not good enough to pick this broker.

Besides, if you ask a question in the email, you will never get an answer.

Fake Information Of Team

COTP utilizes two domains, and both are interlinked. One domain is, which shows photos of the group that probably is running the whole effort, yet everything is phony.

The photos they show on their website in a name of their team are actually stock images and not the real individuals working at COTP. Also, the person in the video is presumably a paid entertainer.

COTP Review – Conclusion

It is clear from the above review that the broker is involved in scam activities.

If you want to trade with this broker, we advise you to contribute just what you can stand to lose and pull out your benefits as fast as you can.

Also, if you are a victim of a COTP scam, file a complaint here to get help in fund recovery.

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