AU Finance Limited, is abbreviated as Aufin. It was incorporated on 19th April 2022 in the UK. The website was registered on 4th May 2022. Hardly a few months old company. They are a group that are expert in cryptocurrency mining, trading, and arbitrage. They provide services by employing ingenious algorithms.

Incorporation in the UK is very easy and is equivalent to being unregistered. FCA, the financial authority of the UK does not actively regulate multi-level marketing (MLM). In other words, being ‘registered’ with FCA or constituted in the UK is meaningless.

Aufin products

Aufin does not have any services or products. Affiliates of Aufin are only able to market their companies’ affiliate membership itself. Though Aufin claims, it derives its revenue from staking, decentralized finance, and the advantages of cryptocurrency. There is no proof of any activities for which they claim. It also fails to provide any proof of external revenue of any kind with which it pays its affiliates.

How one can make money with Aufin?

There are two ways one can make money with Aufin. 

A. Invest in the company and get guaranteed returns.- There is an investment plan whereby depending on the invested amount you can get 5% to 9% daily per month. The plan is a Standard plan – whereby you invest 20 to 999 USD and receive 5% daily for 30 straight days. The second is the Intermediate plan – whereby you invest 1000 to 4999 USD and receive 7% daily for 30 straight days. Third, there is a Premium plan – whereby you invest 5000 to 500000 USD and receive 9% daily for 30 straight days.

B. Referal Compensation. – Commissions, are paid through a structured unilevel compensation plan. Level one are those referrals who are personally sponsored affiliates. You receive a 5% commission. If your first level sponsors an affiliate, you get a 2% commission. If your second-level affiliate sponsors an affiliate, you receive a 1% commission. In case you earn more than 1000 dollars via our downline you are eligible for representative commission. The rates of commission on this level are level 1 at 10%, level 2 at 6%, and level 3 at 2%.

Affiliate membership does not costs anything, it is free.. But, if you want to join the company for the opportunity, you will have to invest 20 to 500000USD in the company..

Why not invest in this Aufin ponzi MLM scheme

  • The owner of the company is unknown. Hides real identity.
  • Being incorporated one cannot offer securities. The company is not registered by FCA to offer securities.
  • It is impossible to give 9% returns on daily basis. Returns are unrealistic.
  • There is no proof of how external revenue is generated to fund the returns.
  • It is not possible to generate 1.3 million dollars with an investment of 500000 dollars.
  • Once new affiliate recruitment dries up the system will collapse automatically. As old member affiliates’ money is paid by new affiliates this is how the system works. Only the early starters earn good money.
  • Aufin has come up with the concept of the Aufin Coin token. Presently the site is closed and the admins have exited the project. Admins are reaching out to would-be an affiliate through email and are demanding money but are not allowing withdrawals. 
  • The company has collapsed according to recent news.

Be aware of Aufin scam

Be aware of get-rich-quick schemes. Those schemes that ask for upfront money. The owner’s identity is should not be unknown. No contact communication is provided on-site. Verify connection (URL), is secured or not. Check for WHOIS, for platform verification. Read experts’ reviews before investing.

Are you are a scam victim of Aufin?

Contact us and file a complaint . Email us at You can fill out the complaint form at our site to file a quick complaint. We are there to help scam victims through our professional approach. The service is simple and straightforward and you can see the results.