Assured Digital Bank Review: Is Assured Digital Bank safe for trade?

Name of Broker – Assured Digital Bank

Website –

Regulated By – Unregulated

Warning Issued By – Financial Market Authority (New Zealand)

Introduction to Assured Digital Bank

Brokerage firms in the trade industry have to go through many formalities to function in the market legally. This includes a series of tests that every firm needs to undergo in order to obtain a license from the regulation of their country. Despite all this, scam brokers find loopholes in the system and enter the trade industry. They pretend to be legitimate brokers to lure in potential customers and steal all of their money. To know more about the Assured Digital Bank scam, keep reading the Assured Digital Bank review. Assured Digital Bank claims to be a brokerage firm that offers services in a variety of fields such as Forex Trading, Cryptocurrency, real estate trading, etc. Despite having a well-made website, Assured Digital Bank is hiding something fishy.

About Assured Digital Bank

 Is Assured Digital Bank a regulated brokerage firm?

Assured Digital Bank claims to be based out of New Zealand. On their website, they also claim to be regulated by the financial authority of New Zealand. However, upon checking with the Financial Market Authority, which is the financial authority of New Zealand, we were unable to find a license issued for Assured Digital Bank. Furthermore, Assured Digital Bank claims to attach their license on their website. However, what they claim to be their license is just a random pdf issued towards Assured Limited. There is no proof of the certificate being original, and Assurance Limited and Assured Digital Bank are the same company. Therefore, we can arrive at the conclusion that Assured Digital Bank is UNREGULATED.

What are the trading conditions of Assured Digital Bank?

Assured Digital Bank does not reveal all of its account types to the general public. This is a major red flag as brokerage firms should always be transparent when it comes to providing the information needed by the public to make a decision. The only information Assured Digital Bank provides is their Assured Plan. Presumably the basic account type, this account demands a minimum initial deposit of $200. It is illegal to ask for a minimum deposit as high as $200. This takes us one step closer to the Assured Digital Bank scam in this Assured Digital Bank review.

What customer support does Assured Digital Bank provide?

Assured Digital Bank provides a phone number, email id, and a form that requires the complainant to fill up basic details and let the company contact you. The phone number is not reachable, and after a lot of emails let, we do not think it is a valid email id thereby raising another red flag against the Assured Digital Bank scam.

Conclusion: Is Assured Digital Bank worth investing in?

It is your decision whether to invest in Assured Digital Bank after considering all the red flags. However, it is never safe to trade with unregulated brokerage firms, such as Assured Digital Bank. For more such scam broker reviews, visit the All Scam Reports website.

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